This is the place to grab some of the outputs of the OpenWorm project, plus resources and demos.

Warning: You can't download the whole virtual worm, we're not quite there yet! :)

We have created a Docker container which contains all of the major components of the simulation stack we have built so far. It can be used to run a preliminary model of the worm in 3D on your computer.

OpenWorm Docker

Geppetto is a web-based platform for visualizing and simulating data and models. It started in the OpenWorm project and is being used for a number of other projects across neuroscience.

Geppetto releases

The 3D worm body model in OpenWorm is being developed in Sibernetic. you can download this application and run the particle hydrodynamics simulations on your own machine.

Get Sibernetic

We have developed a Python library, owmeta, which gives easy programmatic access to a wide range of anatomical and physiological data about C. elegans.

Download owmeta

The c302 framework allows network models of the C. elegans nervous system to be generated at various levels of detail to simulate the activity of the brain of the worm.

Install c302

Find out how these and other software packages fit together on our OpenWorm projects page.

We have created a number of scientific resources aimed at the C. elegans community to assist research into this fascinating organism.

Scientific resources