Imagine working with a group of super-motivated wizards with different backgrounds coming together for a common goal. It’s amazing what we can achieve when we are brought together by a shared vision.

Board of Directors

Ryan Merkley Chairman

Beau Buck

Raymond McCauley

Lucy Rogers

Paul Gibson Board Secretary

Scientific Advisory Panel

John Graham White

Netta Cohen

William Schafer

OpenWorm Fellows

Ari Krakowski

Operations Team

Anna Szczepanek

Dhanuraj (Raj) Shetty

Senior Contributors

Stephen Larson

Giovanni Idili

Matteo Cantarelli

Andrey Palyanov

Sergey Khayrulin

Padraig Gleeson

Michael Currie

James Hokanson

Thomas E. Portegys

Bradly Alicea

Chee Wai Lee

Ramin Hasani

David Lung

Vahid Ghayoomi

Gopal Sarma

Mark Watts