This is the place to grab some of the outputs of the OpenWorm project, plus resources and demos.

Warning: You can't download the whole virtual worm, we're not quite there yet! :)

We packaged Eclipse distributions for the different operating systems, ready with all the plugins necessary to start working on Geppetto, our simulation engine.

Eclipse Distributions

Geppetto's alpha release is now available, see release notes here. Here's instructions.

Geppetto alpha release

We have captured the full 3D morphology of the C. elegans connectome in NeuroML format, and we are currently working to integrate electro-physiology.

NeuroML Connectome

We have imported the NeuroML connectome model for C. elegans into a neuroConstruct project. Here's a guide to getting started with it.

neuroConstruct project

We have optimized electro-physiology for a specific C. elegans muscle cell (we plan on doing this on the rest of the cells too) in NeuroML format.

NeuroML Muscle cell

We are maintaining an online folder with data spreadsheets and information, including lists of all C. elegans neurons. Anything to add? Give us a shout!

Data folder